July 29, 2019

Episode 9: The Economy of Time

A recent Money.com article by Laura Belgray, I Spent $300 on One Uber Ride (And Would Do It Again in a Second). Here's Why I Don't Regret It, led to a discussion here at That Solo Life about what aspects of our work and lives in general cause us significant stress and how can we offset it.

In the article, Belgray shares about her experience as she prepared to attend a writing retreat. The destination was accessible by train but the more she thought about getting to the train on time, switching trains mid-trip, and the rest of the journey, she knew this mode of travel would completely stress her out and have a negative impact on her experience at this event. She decided to spend $300 on an Uber ride to the retreat and hasn’t looked back.

As solo business owners (cliché alert), our time truly is money. An expense that might not make sense at first – outsourcing laundry, grocery delivery, massage to combat our time at the keyboard – could be the very thing to buy you productivity and peace of mind.

What is the one necessary “extravagance” that helps you most?

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