“That Fleetwood Mac skater guy video went viral. How can we go viral?”

The TikTok video that Nathan Apodaca posted of himself skateboarding to the tune of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while drinking his Ocean Spray hit the salient points of timing and authenticity. PR pros know that this magic can’t be manufactured.

Public relations, despite what people may think, has never been a popularity contest. Public relations that works is based on sustainable strategies, community building, and investing in your customers.

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“We get distracted by social media, yet have a pile of books unread. We keep meaning to go outside but somehow never find the time. We’re bored, listless, afraid and uncertain.”

Does this sound like you? We certainly can identify, and we suspect that seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, so can you.

This feeling has a name: acedia. As Jonathan L. Zecher explains in this essay, Acedia: The Lost Name for the Emotion We’re All Feeling Right Now, the word “acedia” is a descriptor of emotion that goes back to ancient Greece.

The good thing is that once you can name something, you can deal with it. Sometimes that’s pushing through. Sometimes it’s honoring the feeling, sitting with it, and giving yourself some grace. We could all use an extra dose of kindness right now, so why not start with yourself?

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In today’s episode, we go meta and talk about podcasting. Podcasts are yet another vehicle for content. Everyone learns and digests information differently, so adding a podcast to your content marketing can be quite effective in building out your thought leadership. What better way to establish the know, like, and trust factors of business relationships than to allow your or your clients’ audiences to hear your voice and get to know you better?

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It’s debate season here in the United States, the time of year when we communications pros nerd out as politicians deliver their messaging. Can we “see” them making their points? Or are they crafting a story, drawing us into their narrative?

Whether it’s a candidate on the debate stage or a client at a speaking engagement, these unnatural environments can be unnerving. It’s our job to work with our clients on the message and its delivery to ensure it’s delivered as naturally and effectively as possible.

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We’ve touched on the role of the self-employed professional in the workforce in the past, addressing California’s AB-5 legislation. It is in the news again with a proposed rule from the Department of Labor that would define who is an “independent contractor.”

To a large extent public sector, and even private sector, entities do not entirely understand the nuances of what it’s like to work independently. We don’t fit the traditional mold of an independent contractor. Our companies may not fit the definition of a small business. And yet we are businesses. This results in rules and legislation crafted to address the freelance and gig economy that does not consider those of us who are self-employed, running micro agencies.

While this rule may not affect us directly, it’s important that we keep an eye on it and future ideations like it to prevent it from harming our ability to retain work. The only way for our legislators to know how we operate is to educate them. Introduce yourself to your legislators – send a letter explaining who you are and what you do. At the hyper-local level – state legislature, municipal representative – invite your rep for a cup of coffee to help them understand how your business functions.

This “future of work” has been here for quite some time. The ability to complete our work outside of the traditional 9-to-5 spent in a corporate office has grown with the onset of employees working from home. How that affects the valuation of our work from hours clocked to quality of work product remains to be seen.

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Today we are joined by fellow Solo PR Pro, Dan Farkas, who joins us to discuss his newest endeavor, Pass PR. Pass PR is customized education to help people accelerate their communication skills. Whether you are a new graduate, a seasoned pro, or a professional starting your own business, Pass PR is a unique and valuable way for you to gain the additional skills you need for success.

Dan is a Lecturer of Strategic Communication at Ohio State University, where he teaches courses on research, strategy, content creation, measurement, and analytics. The BBC and Mashable are some of the media outlets that have featured Dan as a thought leader on the changing landscape of strategic communication and how we can make the most of it. 

Dan is also a business owner who practices the craft when not chasing late homework assignments or his two kids. His campaign efforts have earned recognition from PRSA and the Ohio Society of Association Executives. He helped clients received media coverage with the Washington Post, Huff Post, and Associated Press. 

In a former life, Dan earned more than 20 awards for his work in television news. His work appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and SI.com.

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Keeping up with professional development in a COVID-19 world is a challenge, especially with in-person events either cancelled or held virtually. Screen fatigue is real, so we need to create ways to stay sharp. In today’s episode we talk about how creating community can fit the bill. Whether it’s a virtual book club, an accountability partner, or seeking out professionals outside your industry to interact with and learn from, any interaction that can wake up our minds and our senses during this time of isolation will be beneficial.

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We covered boundaries in an earlier episode but we also know creating and keeping good boundaries is an ongoing work in progress. We need that gentle reminder – whether it’s scope creep or establishing limits on accessibility (especially in our current work from home era) – that boundaries are essential to performing at our best.

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August 24, 2020

Episode 63: Review to Renew

When was the last time you reviewed your progress in achieving your goals? Are those goals still in line with what you would like to achieve personally and professionally, or do your goals need to be updated?

In today’s episode, we talk about reviewing our progress, about getting in the habit of checking in with ourselves, not just on an annual or monthly basis, but weekly or even every day.

We can be our most productive, and that’s not the same as overly busy, but working with purpose and staying aligned with our goals if we check in with ourselves on a more consistent basis.

In this blog post from RescueTime, they ask three questions to help with this process:

  • Did you complete what you set out to do?
  • Does your calendar and your commitments match your priorities and values?
  • What was your allocation of $10/hour work vs. $10,000/hour work?

Get in the habit of regularly taking stock. You may be surprised at the time you find, and how it will increase the joy and purpose you have in your work.

Can you relate? Tell us how at soloprpro.com.

August 17, 2020

Episode 62: Rituals

Today’s episode was inspired by an article in Psychology Today by Nick Hobson, Ph.D., How Rituals Alter the Brain to Help Us Perform Better.

Rituals can be grounding and comforting. They can also prepare us for performance. Dr. Hobson explains that rituals help us to reduce anxiety associated with potential failure by changing how your brain responds to failure.

We need to incorporate ways to refuel and refocus ourselves to enable us to do what we do well and maintain our physical and mental health, not just during this pandemic but afterward too.

What are your favorite rituals? It can be for relaxation or for getting powered up to get to work. Share with us at soloprpro.com.


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