The status of Twitter is changing moment by moment. Who knows what the status of the platform will be by the time you listen to this episode – we can’t keep up! Will Twitter survive? Will Twitter users find a new digital town square? All we can do is stay tuned.

As we serve our clients, what is the true cost of the technology required to do our jobs – mentally and economically? How much tech is too much? What is and isn’t necessary and how can you create boundaries that work for you and your business? We’ll discuss all of this and more in this episode.


It finally happened. Elon Musk now owns Twitter and change is already underway. What does this mean for PR pros?


Happy Halloween! In today’s episode, Karen and Michelle talk about the tricks and treats of what’s been happening in the communications field and the PR biz. Enter if you dare!

Just because you run your business as a solo doesn’t mean you always have to work alone. From teaming up with fellow solos to running your business as a micro agency, there’s a lot of opportunity in soloing together.

Mis-, mal- and disinformation is one of the greatest threats that PR pros are facing. In today’s episode Karen and Michelle discuss how to help steer the narrative, how to be ready to help clients navigate these times, and how we as PR pros can be a positive influence.

Professional pet peeves. We all have them. Listen to today’s episode to see if Karen and Michelle mention one of yours.

It’s the fourth quarter – time for pumpkins, making plans for 2023, and thinking about putting the year to bed. Join Karen and Michelle for a conversation about motivating ourselves to end the year strong.

From colleagues to vendors to client contacts, today’s work environment has representatives from nearly all generations. Boomers, Generation Jones, Generation X, Millennials, Gen Zs - we all bring our talents and different experiences, work styles, and expectations. In this episode we talk about honoring our differences, learning from each other, and working together toward success.

September 19, 2022

Quiet Quitting -Episode 166

Quiet quitting. It’s the phrase of the moment. In today’s episode we talk about what it means for solos as business owners and what it means for our clients.

Are you experiencing quiet quitting? Tell us about it at


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