We are in the sixth month of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we know that you as a communicator and the audiences you serve are tired. And yet, we need to continue crafting and sharing messaging effectively, to cut through the (sometimes subconscious) inclination of our audience to tune out.

In today’s episode we talk about ways we can approach our communications strategies and messaging with a new perspective.

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Today’s episode was inspired by Nicole Schuman’s recent article in PR News, The Top Communications Clichés and How to Avoid Them. As communicators, we need to craft messaging that is authentic to those we are writing for and to make sure we are always reviewing our work with an eye on eliminating the use of clichés and overworn phrases.


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July 27, 2020

Episode 59: Stress Break

It’s midsummer and we’re living through a pandemic, so on this week’s episode we’re taking a stress break. It’s important – with looming uncertainty about the school year, work, vacation (vacation?) – to take the time to find calm for ourselves and to seek out what makes us laugh. Doing so is restorative and we need to take care of ourselves, perhaps now more than ever.


What is your favorite way to relax? What’s making you laugh right now? We want to know! Visit us at soloprpro.com.

Fundamentally, what we do as communications professionals does not change. What does change is the way we do it. Is it time to change our approach to our work, our methods, and our tactics, given the state of current events? Now is an ideal time to reexamine and find new opportunities in the value we offer our current and prospective clients.

Have you changed how you approach your work in PR? Let us know. Visit us at soloprpro.com.

Everyone is dealing with a lot these days. A LOT. Work life is different, home life is different. While it seems like this COVID-19 era will go on, we know from past pandemics that this is only temporary. That’s why in this episode we refer to this time in our lives as the “now normal” instead of the “new normal.”

How can we as communicators continue to add value to our clients and our own businesses as we work our way through this? Join us for this conversation.

And, as always, we want to hear from you. How have you been helping your clients navigate the now normal? Visit us at soloprpro.com and let us know.



You did it! You’ve made it through the first half of 2020. Sit for a moment. Exhale. Congratulate yourself!

This year has been challenging on so many levels, all at once. In this episode we talk about how to head into the second half of 2020 with hope, determination, and joy.

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Conferences are among the many in-person experiences facing challenges thanks to COVID-19. Conferences can still bring value, even when they cannot take place in person. As with many situations we are dealing with during the COVID-19 pandemic, conference planners have an opportunity to invent new ways for attendees to connect and experience value while avoiding “virtual fatigue.” Listen to this episode of That Solo Life where we discuss this and ways attendees can get the most out of their experiences.

How is your conference schedule and experience changing in light of COVID-19? Tell us at soloprpro.com.


Setting proper boundaries is crucial, especially for communications professionals. As solos, we have the freedom to work whenever we like but that does not mean, outside of the requirements of certain projects, that we are on call and available 24/7. We need time to replenish our minds and bodies. We need to make sure we are at our best for our families, friends, our clients, and ourselves. Don’t feel guilty about saying, “No” and for using boundaries to build your best life. After all, isn’t that why we chose to work for ourselves?

We want to hear from you. What are the ways you create healthy boundaries? Tell us at soloprpro.com

June 15, 2020

Episode 53: Real Talk

An incredible social justice movement has risen following the devastating murder of George Floyd.

As PR pros, we craft messaging all the time for clients. Our challenge now is to provide the traditional strategic guidance and crisis preparation while also having those hard conversations about what is happening. This may be new territory for some of us, for some of our clients.

This is a moment for PR professionals to build a better future. Let’s step into these challenges and be a part of the history we are making today.

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Solo PR Pro Blog on Blackout Tuesday


Did you know that an estimated $140 billion remains available in the Payroll Protection Program (PPP)? Or that you can apply even if you operate as a sole proprietor? We did not know this, which is why we are glad that Brent Thompson, CPA, CMA, CGMA of Canon Capital Management Group joined us as our guest this week. He helps us wade through the PPP from the perspective of solo practitioners and small business owners.

During this episode, we discussed the parameters of the PPP and the anticipated passing of the "Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 (PPPFA),” which did become law on June 5, 2020. This new legislation has a significant effect on the forgiveness of the PPP loan, including extending the time to use the funds from an 8-week period to 24 weeks and changing the payroll ratio test from 75/25 to 60/40.

The most time-sensitive item of note is that PPP lenders must have the funding in your bank account by June 30. To allow for enough time for the process, it is recommended to apply by June 10.

Keep up with the latest information about PPP and other elements of the CARES Act by following the Canon Capital Management Group blog.

What has your experience been with the PPP process. Have you applied? Were you approved? Let us know at soloprpro.com.

UPDATE: Here is the latest information on PPP guidance from Brent Thompson of Canon Capital Management Group.

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