February 22, 2021

Episode 88: “Winfluence” with Jason Falls

Jason Falls solves problems. Most of the time they have to do with digital marketing for Cornett, a full-service advertising agency based in Lexington, Ky., where he leads digital strategy and hosts two marketing podcasts (Digging Deeper and Winfluence). His work has touched a number of major brands and has been recognized with several national and many regional awards including a 2020 Shorty Award for his influencer marketing work. He has worked with a number of the world’s most iconic brands including Buffalo Trace, Weller, 1792, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark bourbons, GE Appliances, AT&T, Valvoline, Humana, Rawlings, Tempur-Pedic, Fireball Whisky, General Motors, and more. It should be noted that Jason also loves the kick-ass state of Kentucky, sports, and bourbon.

We are thrilled to have Jason join us today. It’s always an engaging – and fun – time! Today he’s here to speak with us about his third book, Winfluence: Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, which releases February 23rd, 2021, from Entrepreneur Press. In Winfluence, Jason presents marketers with this challenge: ‘Do brands want instagrammers and YouTubers to post about them? Or do they want to influence an audience to try or buy their product? The term “influencer marketing” has become how we refer to the former. Winfluence is a strategic guide to help us more adequately define the latter. That is what smart marketers hope to accomplish.’

Challenge accepted, Jason.

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