August 24, 2020

Episode 63: Review to Renew

When was the last time you reviewed your progress in achieving your goals? Are those goals still in line with what you would like to achieve personally and professionally, or do your goals need to be updated?

In today’s episode, we talk about reviewing our progress, about getting in the habit of checking in with ourselves, not just on an annual or monthly basis, but weekly or even every day.

We can be our most productive, and that’s not the same as overly busy, but working with purpose and staying aligned with our goals if we check in with ourselves on a more consistent basis.

In this blog post from RescueTime, they ask three questions to help with this process:

  • Did you complete what you set out to do?
  • Does your calendar and your commitments match your priorities and values?
  • What was your allocation of $10/hour work vs. $10,000/hour work?

Get in the habit of regularly taking stock. You may be surprised at the time you find, and how it will increase the joy and purpose you have in your work.

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