May 4, 2020

Episode 47: Do You Really Need a Website?

With so many options for your business to have a presence online – Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, Alignable, and more – do you really need a website?

We say, “Yes!” A website is the online presence that you own – you pay for the domain name registration and hosting; you have full control over the content.

Social media is space you “rent” in that you rely on that platform to stay in business and allow you to present your information in the way that suits you.

You need both a website as your home base and you also need to use social media in a way that integrates with your content. You want to drive traffic from your social media channels to your website, where, ideally, you’re giving your web visitors something to do like signing up for your e-news or going on your desired buyer’s journey.

What is your favorite website platform? Share with us at

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