Baseball season has returned! It’s great to see fans back in stands and those of us who follow the game know that having good pitching is the way to win games. <Insert obvious segue here.> Needless to say, pitching in PR is also the key to success for our clients. Whether you’re new to PR or a seasoned pro, it’s beneficial to check in with ourselves and our pitching style.

Here’s a link to the Muck Rack 2021 State of Journalism Report we mention in this episode.

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April 12, 2021

Episode 95: PR is Not War

As we were planning this week’s episode, we were nodding our heads in agreement with Ed Zitron’s take on a thread comparing working in PR to military combat. While working in PR has its stressful moments, it is certainly not the same as going to war. We PR pros are great at telling our clients’ stories. We need to do a better job at telling our story and sharing our value.

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Today we’re catching up on all things social media. Clubhouse, currently exclusive to iOS users, is going to soon have competition from Facebook and Instagram. Listen to find out the latest in the world of social media.

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In today’s episode we talk about spending wisely – our money and our time – to help our businesses grow. This can mean paying for advertising but it can also mean spending money on automation or outsourcing to free up our time to focus on business development.

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Since we just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to devote this episode to getting lucky in business. As the saying goes, “You make your own luck.” Solos should always be in business development mode. That could mean keeping a consistent online presence, attending events (online or in-person), joining committees, and any number of ways to position yourself.

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March 15, 2021

Episode 91: A Royal Mess

In this episode, we discuss the PRO Act, the federal version of California’s recent AB5 legislation. While there are many positive aspects to this bill, it holds serious implications for those of us working as independent contractors. Even if your solo business runs as a corporation, the ABC Test portion of this legislation could have a negative effect on how you access opportunities and secure work.

Then, we dig in on “the” interview, Oprah’s exclusive with Harry and Meghan. Alongside the jaw-dropping moments were key takeaways for us comms pros.

And yes, we did go live on YouTube for this episode! We’re committed to trying new things and stretching our comfort zones. Watch here.

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March is Women’s History Month, so in today’s episode we have a conversation ranging from women in PR and the gender pay gap to diversity. Join us as we reflect on the progress we have made and discuss the work that still must be done.

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Too many words. Do you ever catch yourself muttering this? Communication can easily lose its impact – and miss making the intended point – when the writer or speaker go on and on. It’s not that the information is incorrect but the impact of the message is diluted.

We’re all guilty of this from time to time. It often comes out of a desire to ensure a point is being made, or sometimes it’s out of insecurity. As communications professionals, especially as we pitch stories to journalists, we need to lead the way in making the most of our message with the economy of our words.

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Jason Falls solves problems. Most of the time they have to do with digital marketing for Cornett, a full-service advertising agency based in Lexington, Ky., where he leads digital strategy and hosts two marketing podcasts (Digging Deeper and Winfluence). His work has touched a number of major brands and has been recognized with several national and many regional awards including a 2020 Shorty Award for his influencer marketing work. He has worked with a number of the world’s most iconic brands including Buffalo Trace, Weller, 1792, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark bourbons, GE Appliances, AT&T, Valvoline, Humana, Rawlings, Tempur-Pedic, Fireball Whisky, General Motors, and more. It should be noted that Jason also loves the kick-ass state of Kentucky, sports, and bourbon.

We are thrilled to have Jason join us today. It’s always an engaging – and fun – time! Today he’s here to speak with us about his third book, Winfluence: Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, which releases February 23rd, 2021, from Entrepreneur Press. In Winfluence, Jason presents marketers with this challenge: ‘Do brands want instagrammers and YouTubers to post about them? Or do they want to influence an audience to try or buy their product? The term “influencer marketing” has become how we refer to the former. Winfluence is a strategic guide to help us more adequately define the latter. That is what smart marketers hope to accomplish.’

Challenge accepted, Jason.

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Today we welcome Kami Watson Huyse, APR to the That Solo Life podcast. Kami is the CEO and Founder of Zoetica Media, a digital marketing and public relations agency connecting clients with communities that matter most to them and delivering measurable results. Kami is a PR veteran who speaks at social media events and conferences all over the country. Her work in social media has earned her two Society for New Communications Research Social Media awards and IABC's Gold Quill of Excellence Award.

Most recently, Kami launched Smart Social Secrets, a resource to help you keep up with all the latest updates in social media. Sign up here:

In today’s episode Kami shares how she grew her team and the value of taking that leap. She’s also full of inspiration on the importance of standing out as a solo.

Her challenge: “Just get started!” Don’t overthink it. Take the plan that you have and start. You’ll find that you will make changes as you go along anyway.

Kami sure got us fired up – we hope she has the same effect on you!

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