October 21, 2019

Episode 21: Be a Better PR Pro by Slowing Down (No, Really!)

Modern life moves fast. It’s a simple fact that you loathe, love, or tolerate. This is especially true for PR pros as we seek to serve our clients well, looking out for them and keeping their projects moving forward while working on our own innovative thinking and professional development.

Part of the cause is an increase of incoming messaging from a variety of sources – text, instant messaging, project management platforms, and the like. We can let the open fire hose of information knock us over or we can choose to take a moment at the start of each day to decide what takes priority, acknowledging the reality of interruption and the likelihood that another item may take precedence throughout the day but starting with a stance of taking each element of the day on its own. And then the next, and the next.

Start with the morning journal exercise of emptying your mind on paper and see where it takes you.

Seeking to “unbusy” our lives does not mean we’re not leaving it all on the floor for our clients. It means we want to work hard with a focused productivity.

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