June 14, 2019

Episode 2: Fear and the Solo PR Pro

Going solo in business is scary, no matter your career path. In today’s episode, we talk about fear, what it means to us, and what it might mean to you.

Know this:

  • Fear never really goes away, and that’s okay.
  • The fear that you don’t know enough or you’re not doing it right is more common than you think. (And guess what, you DO know enough and you ARE doing it right.)
  • Embrace the things you’re not as good at and move on. Take those cues as openings for collaboration.
  • Welcome the “good scared” – these are the opportunities that will bring you the most growth.
  • Failure is not an f-word. It’s a teacher.
  • Nothing is certain. And that’s okay, as long as you are planning for the next shift.

How to fight the fear?

  • Acknowledge that you know enough but you can never learn enough.
  • Attend professional development sessions – to learn new things and also affirm your current knowledge.
  • Stay up to date with current events within your profession and the business world in general.
  • Have the confidence to add people to your team in areas where you don’t know enough.
  • Have a village, a safe place where you can go and ask questions of your peers as well as receive affirmation.

Fear is all about your perspective. There will always be something to challenge you in your professional life. Use these moments to improve and grow.

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